Okay Lady puzzels are 400 piece puzzle, custom designed and printed on both sides (very helpful when you hit a tricky bit). 

Your pieces come housed in a reusable cotton draw-string bag. When you're done the finished puzzle measures 52cm x 52cm and can be easily framed. 

Banksia Bloom was lovingly crafted by Letitia Green, who used digital illustration to create this riotous celebration of colour. The joy and light that shines through this floral explosion represents new beginnings and brighter days ahead.

Green Haven was lovingly crafted by Rachel Hillis, who used a mixture of gouache, pencil and digital drawing to create this peaceful image. Our lady knows exactly where she’s meant to be, in mindful connection with her plants, quietly pottering around her greenhouse space. 

Artist Alice Lindstrom has brought the folk-inspired Night Dancer to life via handcrafted collage. This colourful woman is dancing like nobody’s watching and clearly revelling in every unencumbered minute. Celebrating nature, freedom and femininity this image is goddess goals incarnate. 

Proving that things may not be as they first appear Peony Kitty is a digital illustration by Sydney artist Jess Cruickshank. Peering out from behind the flowers, this feline figure is the beauty revealed when you stop to smell the roses. Or maybe it’s just a kitty hiding in a bush because cats.

Intricately illustrated, Queenie by Tonia Composto, comprises nine crowns representing the many different hats a woman needs to wear… sometimes on the daily, right Lady? Empowering, abundant and feminine this puzzle celebrates all we are capable of.