I have been looking for some beautiful teas, that are not only blended in Australia but whos ingredients also come from Australia. Im so glad to have found Lisa at the Golden Wattle Tea company.

The Golden Wattle Tea company has been growing and hand crafting tea in Australia since 2015. All of their ingredients are sourced within Australia (from VIC & QLD), and every ingredient meets Australian organic standards or pesticide free requirements.


While the Mummy Care Tea range has 4 products, I have chosen to stock the Postnatal Care Tea, formulated to rebuild and nourish new mum.  Ingredients include  all Organic Ladies Mantle ;Motherwort; Hibiscus; Honeybush; Rooibos;Dandelion Leaf; Vervai;  Fennel; Lemon peel; Strawberry Chips.


80g of tea.