Ideal for neck and shoulders enabling hands free. Wraps around belly and back.  Perfect for relaxation of the mind, muscular pain, period pain and arthritis. 

Handmade Moon Heat/Cool Pack using soft flannelette and unique fabrics.
Packed with 100% Premium Australian wheat.
Designed and handmade with love in Melbourne.

'Relax' - Bergamot & Geranium pure essential oils w fresh lavender: Creating calmness from within and decreasing stress levels. Lifting your spirits allowing you to unwind and sleep soundly.

'Invigorate' - Peppermint pure essential oil with fresh lavender: Enhances concentration while naturally increasing energy levels. Creating a calming effect on the body while releasing tension headaches.

'Clear Thoughts' - Tea Tree pure essential oil w fresh rosemary: Natural booster of your immune system while releasing stress. Enhancing the capacity to concentrate and easing muscular and joint pains.

'Natural' - Unscented 100% Premium Australian Wheat.