Poppy & Daisy's chrildren's craft kits are a special gift that inspires children to have fun, create and learn new things using natural products, with no plastic!

All handmade in Australia!

Mini Garden : Experience the magic of creating your own Mini Fairy Garden! Plant your seeds, add your wooden toadstool and watch your garden come to life.

  • Glass mason jar
  • Mini white pebbles
  • Washed sand
  • Soil pellet
  • Wooden fork
  • Glass dropper
  • Wooden toadstool
  • Wooden ladybug
  • Paper cup
  • Glass jar of cress seeds

Fairy Door Kit : Design and make your own magical fairy door with a choice of pink or green paint, dried flowers and eco-glitter. Includs: 

  • Wooden board
  • Wooden fairy, toadstool, hearts and butterfly cut outs
  • Wooden beads, bees and ladybirds
  • Wooden paint brush
  • Glass jar of pink and green chalk paint
  • Glass jar of Non-toxic glue
  • Glass jar of eco glitter
  • Dried flowers
  • Paddle-pop sticks
  • Twigs & slices

Macrame rainbow: Simply wrap macrame rope around your arcs with the threader, to create your beautiful rainbow. Includes:

  • Wooden rainbow
  • Wooden threader
  • Macrame rope-pink, green, mustard, white
  • Macrame rope to hang up
  • Wooden beads

Friendship Necklaces: Design and create 4 beautiful necklaces for you and 3 friends, crafted from all natural materials. Includes:

  • Wooden beading board
  • Tin of wooden beads
  • Waxed cotton cord x 4
  • Cotton sheet
  • Glass jar of PVA glue
  • Wooden paintbrush
  • Cotton gift bags x 3

Fun Fossils: Get adventurous moulding and creating your own real Fun Fossils out of Plaster of Paris. Includes:

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Washed sand
  • Wooden spoons x 2
  • Paper cups x 4
  • Wooden paint brush
  • Shells x 3

Flower Press Kit : Have fun collecting flowers and leaves to press and make your own unique works of art. Includes:

  • Beautiful birch wood flower press 10cm x 14 cm
  • Wooden keyring to decorate
  • Cotton bag to gift your keyring in
  • Glass jar of non-toxic PVA glue
  • Wooden paint brush
  • Recycled cards & envelopes x 2 ready to make

Handmade Paper Kit : Transform your scrap paper into beautiful handmade paper creations. Add a touch of nature with flowers, leaves and colours, making each piece completely unique. Includes:

  • Birch Wood mould & deckle (A5 – 148 x 210)
  • Aluminium mesh
  • Glass jar of dried flowers
  • Wooden rolling pin
  • Cotton sheets x 5
  • Felt sheet
  • Recycled envelopes x 2

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