Gorgeous 40 x 21cm rectangle timber and hand poured resin cheeseboards, made by Sarah at Wild Art. All handmade and one of a kind.

Sarah creates beautiful cheese boards created with vibrant and eye-catching tones. As your eye wanders across the seamlessly intertwining colours you will be held captive by the intricate lacing details and the bold gold accents. An excellent gift for weddings, engagements, hens, kitchen teas, birthdays, anniversaries, house warnings or just a thank you.

Stunning Cheeseboard made using high-quality resin and pigments resulting in a high shine glass-like finish. Created using pigments and pastes designed specifically for use in resin gives this piece of artwork vibrant colours, depth, and a sparkle that catches the viewer’s eye.

Sarah uses Stonecoat Countertop resin which is: Heat Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Food Safe, U.V Resistant, Water Resistant, Renewable, Easy To Clean and Zero VOC.

Please do NOT place food directly on the resin. Only use the wooden part of the board for food.

*Please note, some computer screens can register colours differently than others.