Newsletter VOL 2 / August 21

Wow! Who knew we would be in lockdown again! Sadly I think we will be in lockdown for a while :(

While everyone has their views, please be kind to each other. Stay safe, stay sane and stay smiling. Smile are contagious, so lets try and spread some love! 

If you are after some lockdown boredom busters, the website now has a section dedicated to activities for young and old (with more to come). From embroidery kits, puzzles, gardening and self care, to play dough, play mats and chocolate.  

I have been putting together care packages for those in isolation or those who just need a pick me up, on behalf of their lovely friends. Please reach out if you would like me to arrange something for you or your nearest and dearest!  

If you follow me on Instagram, my kids are big fans of the Hey Doodle Story Stack and we road tested a Bake Nerd Hot Chocolate Bomb, which was a HUGE hit. I'm also knee deep in the Galah Embroidery kit, which I'm really enjoying.

I now have my 2 kiddies at home with me, so please expect a slight delay in me getting back to you. I will still be packing & delivering your orders daily and will contact you directly for click & collect



Fathers Day is just around the corner (5-Sep in case you were wondering). We have so many great gift ideas and some of the coolest cards going around!

From socks & jocks to wallets, chocolate to beach towels, cuff links to footy prints, we have you covered. Come and support your local makers this Father's Day! 

If you want me to put something together for you, just reach out.

Remember I am still offering free local delivery and every order gets a Bake Nerd Cookie (until I run out). 

Check out our Father's Day section on the website. 


With Father's Day upon us, I thought I would be the perfect time to feature Milana from Mopsy!! Milana is a well known maker in Melbourne already, and her fabulous Footy Prints are famous! 

I’m Milana, the maker behind Mopsy.
After many years working for other people as a graphic designer, I decided to be my own boss and create my own range of designs.    
Travelling briefly overseas I noticed that the quality of Australian souvenirs was a little lacking. I wanted to send gifts to my friends overseas, but struggled to find contemporary-styled Melbourne or Aussie gifts that I really liked.
So that was my motivation to create mementos of my home town, Melbourne. And to try to keep it 100% made in Australia was a real challenge.
The “Love Melbourne” Range of prints was first - Tram, Flinders St Station, Luna Park and MCG etc. Which then led to creating AFL Footy team prints, which proved to be quite popular. 
Although being your own boss is a bit terrifying, the challenge, learning from your mistakes, growing as a maker and meeting like-minded business people has been a wonderful experience.
The recent changes in the selling environment has been super challenging for everyone, especially for small makers. The word “pivot” seems to be the new word at the moment, but as a small maker, I feel as though I’ve pivoting forever; But I love being my own boss.

Check out Mopsy on Instagram @mopsy99


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